Hip and Knee Reconstruction – North America Analysis and Market Forecasts

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Hip and Knee Reconstruction – North America Analysis and Market Forecasts

The hip and knee reconstruction market is an established orthopedic market that has witnessed sluggish revenue growth in the past five years. GlobalData evaluated the currently-marketed hip and knee replacement prostheses, identified the unmet needs in the market, and provided an understanding of surgeons’ perceptions of the latest advances, such as computer-assisted technologies. The future of the hip and knee market lies in the ability of manufacturers to provide implants at a lower cost while continuing to provide the same level of clinical efficacy. Meanwhile, product development needs to focus on better mimicry of natural joint kinematics and portfolio expansion to include a comprehensive platform. Moreover, the clinical benefits and positive economic impact of computer-assisted technologies will become more widely acknowledged, and will therefore continue to drive the global large joint replacement market in the coming years.

The North America hip and knee reconstruction market has been estimated in this report up to 2022.

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Key Questions Answered

- Given the escalating healthcare financial burden, many countries have put measures in place to initiate rationing of hip and knee replacements. How will the North America hip and knee market evolve in the next five years?
- Zimmer’s megamerger with Biomet in 2014 represents an attempt to lock in its dominance of the large joint space. How does the competitive landscape look like after the merger in different geographical regions?
- Manufacturers have been emphasizing the need for innovations in bearings to achieve enhanced wear resistance. What are the current adoption trends of Vitamin E-infused liners in the US?
- Generic implants are the ones that inherit premium hip and knee implants’ design philosophies and carry attractive price tags.How will these generic implants impact the US hip and knee market in the upcoming years?

Reasons to buy

- “What Do Physicians Think” quotes provide a unique insight into how healthcare professionals are reacting to events within the industry, and what their responses could mean for industry strategists. This information is essential for all strategic decision makers in every organization allowing them to act on high quality information.


1 Table of Contents
1.1 List of Tables
1.2 List of Figures
2 Executive Summary
2.1 Key Metrics in Major Markets
2.2 Market Dynamics
2.3 Key Players in the Hip and Knee Reconstruction Market
2.4 Market Future Outlook
2.5 What Do Physicians Think?
3 Introduction
3.1 Catalyst
3.2 Related Reports
4 Market Access
4.1 Reimbursement Trends
4.1.1 North America
4.2 Mergers and Acquisitions/Key Partnerships
5 Unmet Needs and Market Opportunity Analysis
5.1 Computer Navigation Technologies
5.2 Robotic Technologies
5.3 Generic Implants to Address Cost Concerns
5.4 Advanced Materials
5.5 Emerging Countries
6 Competitive Assessment
6.1 Market Share Analysis
6.1.1 North America
6.2 Key Companies and Product Profiles
6.2.1 Aesculap
6.2.2 DePuy Synthes
6.2.3 Exactech
6.2.4 Lima Corporate
6.2.5 Medacta
6.2.6 MicroPort
6.2.7 Smith & Nephew
6.2.8 Stryker
6.2.9 Waldemar LINK
6.2.10 Zimmer Biomet
6.2.11 Other Players
6.3 Pipeline Products Assessment
7 Market Outlook
7.1 Procedure Trends
7.1.1 Hip Replacement
7.1.2 Knee Replacement
7.2 Global Market Drivers and Barriers
7.2.1 Driver: Improved Patient Awareness
7.2.2 Driver: Rising Prevalence
7.2.3 Driver: Better Pain Management
7.2.4 Driver: Patient Specific Instruments
7.2.5 Barrier: Deferral of Elective Surgeries
7.2.6 Barrier: Group Purchasing
7.2.7 Barrier: Austerity Measures in Europe
7.2.8 Barrier: Medical Device Excise Tax in the US
7.3 Market Outlooks by Geography
7.3.1 North America
8 Appendix
8.1 Abbreviations
8.2 Bibliography
8.3 Methodology
8.3.1 Overview
8.3.2 Coverage
8.3.3 Secondary Research
8.4 Forecasting Methodology
8.5 Primary Research Summary
8.5.1 Primary Research – Key Opinion Leader Interviews
8.5.2 Expert Panel Validation
8.6 About the Authors
8.6.1 Analysts
8.6.2 Global Head of Medical Devices
8.6.3 About GlobalData
8.7 Contact Us
8.8 Disclaimer

1.1 List of Tables
Table 1: Estimated Medicare National Average of Inpatient Physician Reimbursement for Hip and Knee Replacement Procedures, 2015-2016
Table 2: Key Mergers, Acquisitions, and Partnerships in Hip and Knee Reconstruction Market
Table 3: SWOT Analysis - Aesculap
Table 4: Aesculap’s Hip and Knee Portfolio Assessment, 2016
Table 5: SWOT Analysis - DePuy Synthes
Table 6: DePuy Synthes’ Hip and Knee Portfolio Assessment, 2016
Table 7: SWOT Analysis - Exactech
Table 8: Exactech’s Hip and Knee Portfolio Assessment, 2016
Table 9: SWOT Analysis - Lima Corporate
Table 10: Lima Corporate’s Hip and Knee Portfolio Assessment, 2016
Table 11: SWOT Analysis - Medacta
Table 12: Medacta’s Hip and Knee Portfolio Assessment, 2016
Table 13: SWOT Analysis - MicroPort
Table 14: MicroPort’s Hip and Knee Portfolio Assessment, 2016
Table 15: SWOT Analysis - S&N
Table 16: S&N’s Hip and Knee Portfolio Assessment, 2016
Table 17: SWOT Analysis - Stryker
Table 18: Stryker’s Hip and Knee Portfolio Assessment, 2016
Table 19: SWOT Analysis - Waldemar LINK
Table 20: Waldemar LINK’s Hip and Knee Portfolio Assessment, 2016
Table 21: SWOT Analysis - Zimmer Biomet
Table 22: Zimmer Biomet’s Hip and Knee Portfolio Assessment, 2016
Table 23: Other Players in the Global Hip and Knee Reconstruction Market, 2015
Table 24: Pipeline Products Assessment
Table 25: North America Hip and Knee Reconstruction Market Forecast ($m), by Segment, 2013-2022


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